Mini Grant

What is the process?

Meet one of our brokers to outline your project. You can apply for a “Mini” grant or a “Maxi” grant or both.

Your project request is sent to a panel of experts who will decide if it should be funded. If a positive response is received you will receive a “Grant Approval Letter”. You then decide which Knowledge Base partner you think will work best for you and scope the work out and agree cost and timelines and how much cash and time you can put into the project.

A Mini grant can fund up to 80% of a £3,000 project .  You can choose a commercial organisation if that works better for you but the grant will then be up to 50% of a £3,000 project.

Once the project is fully scoped your Project plan is submitted to one of our brokers and a “Grant Offer Letter” issued outlining the Terms and Conditions for the Grant. Once you accept this you can start the work.  You will be invoiced when the project is complete and you will be responsible for paying this.

The invoice plus proof that it is paid and any other supporting documentation should be submitted to the Innovation Network broker. We will then credit your account with the Mini Grant which will be based on the eligible costs.