Maxi Grant

What is the process?

Meet one of our brokers to outline your project. You can apply for a “Mini” grant or a “Maxi” grant or both.

A “Maxi” grant can be up to 49% of a £50,000 project.

The process for applying for a “Maxi” grant is the same as for a “Mini” with one exception. Once the initial application has been submitted and successfully scored by an expert panel you will be asked to complete a scoping application and then present in person to a group of independent business people.  You will be invited to deliver a 5-8 minute presentation, summarising how you intend taking your innovation to the market and making it sustainable for your business.  This will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session from the panel.

If they give a positive response to you and your project, you then decide which Knowledge Base partner you think will work best for you and scope the work out and agree cost and timelines and how much cash and time you can put into the project. Once the project is fully scoped your Project plan is submitted to one of our brokers and a “Grant Offer Letter” issued outlining the Terms and Conditions for the Grant. Once you accept this you can start the work.  You will be invoiced when the project is complete and you will be responsible for paying this.

The invoice plus proof that it is paid plus your time-sheets and any other supporting documentation should be submitted to the Innovation Network broker. We will then credit your account with the Maxi Grant which will be based on the eligible costs.