SMEs will be invited to become members of the Innovation Network.
A visit to their premises will be made by one of the Innovation Network team (subject to distance and accessibility). The Innovation Network team will assess the following:
·         Is the company an SME?
·         Is there an innovative idea that could be supported by the Innovation Network Programme?
·         Do they have the capacity to deliver a successful project?
·         Do they have a Team or Project Leader to support the project?
·         Do they have the funds to match any support they might receive?
·         What State Aid have they previously received?
·         What experience do they have of working with a Knowledge Base?
·         Any other relevant information that will support a grant application.
Before the Innovation Network team meet the SME, due diligence will be carried out. Due diligence will consist of a visit to the premises and a search of companies house. If a visit cannot be made, then further checks will be necessary to establish the legal status of the SME.
If the SME meets all the relevant criteria to receive support under the Innovation Network Programme, an initial Application Form will be completed.  The application will be reviewed virtually by the Innovation Network Projects Review Panel who will decide if the project is suitable for the Innovation Network Programme.